Family Businesses Succession.

… thriving from generation to generation.
As a business or farm owner, the greatest challenge you are likely to face is securing the financial future of you and your family and the future of your business.
To meet this challenge requires sound planning.
Without planning the result can be financial ruin.
By planning early you can step aside from your business with it continuing to provide for you and your family.

Christopher Evatt is an authority on family business succession and generation change, with some of northern Europe’s most successful, long-term family businesses as his clients.

The two critical areas that must be addressed with generation change are people and business.
Christopher shows how to combine these to succeed with your change. He shares a life-time of running his own businesses and a life-time developing people as managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and to be wise business governors.
Universities, cities and government departments call on his expertise.

From Christopher you will learn:

  • The essential steps you and your family need to take to develop a sound succession plan.
  • How to take those steps
  • How to minimize risks

Christopher will guide you.

You can expect to gain from having a sound succession plan:
A financially secure retirement provided by your business.
A legacy for your children and their children that secure their futures.
Avoid having to sell your business for a low price, on a depressed market.

Attend Christopher’s talks to learn what you need to do to secure your future, your family’s future and the future of your business. Attend his intensive trainings to create your succession plan.