“Get Your Business Up and Running 

… and start earning a good income NOW.”

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Not sure what to do?

The key to starting your business and earning a “good” income is by providing your “good” value that gives others what they want and is willing to pay for.

Your “good” value comes from what inspires you. What you feel passionate about. It is the positive difference you want to make in the lives or the businesses of others.

If you are not going to make a positive difference, why should anyone want to buy what you are offering?

Start NOW. Take the following steps. There are no risks. Lots of learnings, fun, and reward.

1.  Ask “What inspires me? What value do I most enjoy creating for others?”

2.  Ask “who needs this and is likely to want to buy it from me?”

3.  Go and see them. Tell them what you are planning to offer and ask what

their needs are and what they recommend.

4.  Refine your offering to fit your customers’ needs and ask for orders.

5.  Deliver and get paid….. and keep on improving what you do and how you do it making sure you receive in

more than what you pay out.

Now view the blog of a participant at a session I ran at Think Company, Helsinki for those wanting to start their businesses.


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I do run the regular intensive program with the following title.

“Get your business up and running and start earning a good income NOW”

Normally, it is a small group for all to receive maximum assistance.


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